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The Leader in Vehicle Telematics for businesses is here.

With GPS tracking technology from Mobil Trackr you'll feel like you're in the vehicle with each of your employees without ever leaving the office. The affordable, easy-to-use platform reliably and accurately tracks vehicle location, monitors vehicle condition, and scores driver performance–all from your browser or mobile device.

Better Drivers Mean Better Business

Mobil Trackr gives businesses the power to develop safer, more efficient drivers at scale through real time driver and vehicle alerts, driver scoring, and individual performance feedback.

Mobil Trackr Fleet Pricing

- OBDII Fleet Tracking Device (Included in the lease payment monthly)

- Hard Install Tracking Device ($150 for most heavy-duty vehicles)

- Monthly Service Cost Per Vehicle $20.00 per month billed in advance

- One Time Activation Fee $15

- Contract Term = Month to Month

- Read the PDF for Analytical Details   

Explore Mobil Trackr

View all drivers in real time

Monitor Driver Habits.

Mobil Trackr tracks, transmits, and stores real time vehicle information and is accessible from any browser or mobile device.

View Individual Trip Details

Know where your vehicles are at all times.

Mobil Trackr users know, with pinpoint accuracy,
where their vehicles are, how drivers behave behind
the wheel, and how to improve vehicle and driver
performance through data insights.

Set Limits and Alerts

Get alerts on your pc or mobile app.

Set alerts based on hard braking,
rapid acceleration, speeding, phone usage,
geographic boundaries and more.

Target The Best Drivers For Your Program

Innovative, Scalable, and Flexible.

With the most innovative, scalable and flexible connected car platform available, Mobil Trackr delivers actionable driver performance data that enables you to identify and characterize more accurate risk profiles, and improve pricing and profitability across your entire portfolio.


Manage Your Vehicles in Real Time

Monitor and route vehicles with real-time location and traffic awareness.

Improve Driver Behavior

Identify risky behavior, create safer drivers and reduce accidents.

Vehicle Health

Track maintenance, battery health, engine temperature alerts, fuel levels and DTCs for your vehicles.

IFTA Reporting

Save hours of manual data entry for your IFTA tax reporting. MobilTrackr will automatically track miles driven in different IFTA jurisdictions and allow you to import all of your fuel purchases.

Fuel, Idling & Usage Reports

Keep costs under control with visibility into fuel usage, idle time, and fill ups.

ELD - Hours of Service

Stay compliant with national laws using our integrated ELD (hours of service) solution.


Safety For Your Children

Available to download for both Android and iOS.


(GPS) Bus Tracking

Students no longer need to stand in the cold rain waiting for the bus to arrive. With a simple-to-use app installed on their personal electronic device, students can track the approximate time their bus will arrive.

Parents can monitor the comings and goings of their child's bus, making certain their child is safe to and from school.

Schools will have the latest technology to monitor their fleet in real time. A small device installed on each bus provides instant tracking capabilities and full visibility into their vehicles and drivers.

Don’t Miss The Bus


Safety is our highest priority, which is why we provide parents and legal guardians alike with a clear location of their student's transportation.


User-friendly application with the ability to manage and view all of your student's buses, routes and locations in one place.

Data Secure

Requires a password-protected account along with verifying a specific ID number that only the school knows.

Real-Time Monitoring

View near real-time bus location and information, including the scheduled arrival time of your student's bus.


Guardian is a Blockchain Application

Built with impenetrable data security in mind!

Real-Time Monitoring On / Off School Bus

Schools receive real-time information about every student with a badge, phone, or tablet.

A Transportation All Clear From Each Bus Driver

Before each bus driver can end their day they are required to walk the bus and report an all clear “no child left on the bus”, message to the school.

Quick & Easy Student Reporting

In the event a school needs to report on the whereabouts of a child or many children, the school administration will have proper access to run reports

Multiple or Single Student Badge Printing

Every school has the option to print all, a number of grades, one grade, or a single student badge to either an API supported third-part company or a local printer on your network at the office.

WNDU.COM (Posted Thursday 2:25 P.M., December 21, 2017) - Full Story
3-year old was left on school bus for nearly 5 hours, according to mom

They forgot to drop off Dawson at his school and so he sat on the bus for 4.5 hours alone in the bus garage.” – Gloria Miller.

The Future of Family Car Safety!


How it works!

Mobil Trackr is available for most vehicles 1996 and newer.

Plug-in your OBD-II and DRIVE! 

A small device easily plugs into your car’s OBD-II (on-board diagnostic) port. From there, you can download the Mobil Trackr app to access vehicle diagnostics, set maintenance reminders, driving alerts, monitor individual driver habits, and more... 


Easily Make Your Car a Smart Car

Mobil Trackr is very easy to install and use. Connect in these steps!

Step 1

Mobil Application

Download & Install the App from either I-Tunes or Google Play.

Step 2

Install OBDII Device

Plug-in the Mobil Trackr Device

Step 3

Activate OBDII Device

Drive to start the Mobil Trackr Device!

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