Mobil Trackr
Intelligent Analytics
for Compliance and Safety

Increase Safety and Data Compliance with Mobil Trackr

Mobil Trackr provides real-time 360 view of your daily fleet schedules and routes to help increase productivity while providing safety and compliance for your teams.
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Manage Your Vehicles in Real Time
Monitor and route vehicles with real-time location and traffic awareness.
Vehicle Health

Track maintenance, battery health, engine temperature alerts, fuel levels and DTC codes for your vehicles.


Odometer & Hour Meter

Actual odometer or hour meter values are sent from the vehicle allowing you to stay on top of maintenance schedules.


Crash Detection

Receive instant notifications when an accident occurs. Our optional eCall service also allows crash notifications to be sent to an emergency dispatch center.

Improve Driver Behavior

Identify risky behavior, create safer drivers and reduce accidents.

Fuel, Idling & Utilization Reports

Keep costs under control with powerful reporting tools giving you insight into vehicle usage, fuel consumption and idle time.


User Access Controls

Setup user hierarchies allowing system users to only view and access the vehicles and information you authorize.

Manage Your Vehicles in Real Time
Monitor and route vehicles with real-time location and traffic awareness.


View all drivers in real time
Monitor Driver Habits

Mobil Trackr tracks, transmits, and stores real time vehicle information and is accessible from any browser or mobile device.
View Individual Trip Details
Know where your vehicles are at all times

Mobil Trackr users know, with pinpoint accuracy, where their vehicles are, how drivers behave behind the wheel, and how to improve vehicle and driver performance through data insights.
Set Limits and Alerts
Get alerts on your pc or mobile app

Mobil Trackr users set alerts based on hard braking, rapid acceleration, speeding, phone usage, geographic boundaries and more.
Target The Best Drivers For Your Program
Innovative, Scalable, and Flexible

Mobil Trackr is the most innovative, scalable and flexible connected car platform available, Mobil Trackr delivers actionable driver performance data that enables you to identify and characterize more accurate risk profiles, and improve pricing and profitability across your entire portfolio.


Step 1: Mobile Application
Download & Install the App from either I-Tunes or Google Play.
Step 2: Install OBDII
Install OBDII Device Plug-in the Mobil Trackr Device
Step 3: Activate OBDII
Drive to start the Mobil Trackr Device
For Schools:
Safety For Your Children

Students no longer need to stand in the cold rain waiting for the bus to arrive. With a simple-to-use app installed on their personal electronic device, students can track the approximate time their bus will arrive.

Parents can monitor the comings and goings of their child’s bus, making certain their child is safe to and from school.
Mt. Vernon’s GPS Tracked School Buses
WishTV 8: Reporter Brenna Donnelly